Hot Flash Catcher Scarf
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Usage Instructions

Basic Considerations

  • Do not use bleach when washing the scarf.
  • Do not place the scarf in a dryer.
  • Do not fold, bend or flex a dried scarf.
  • Use the Hot Flash Catcher Scarf wet.

How To Use Scarf

  1. Rinse the Hot Flash Catcher scarf thoroughly by hand with warm or cold water before using and wring the excess water out of the scarf by hand. Shake the scarf to activate the cooling material.
  2. Use the Hot Flash Catcher scarf wet.
  3. During extended use, the scarf should be allowed to breathe and evaporate by turning it over. This allows the skin to cool when it is in direct contact with the scarf.  Re-wet as needed to allow the scarf to maintain its cooling effect.
  4. When finished using, return the wet scarf to its airtight plastic bag for short-term storage. The scarf can be allowed to air dry for long-term storage. Simply re-wet the scarf to reactivate its cooling action.

How To Clean Scarf

  1. Wash the scarf with warm or cold water in a mild detergent. No Bleach. Do not place in dryer.
  2. It is a good idea to not allow the scarf to dry out. However, the scarf can be allowed to dry out if it will not be used for an extended period.  Do not try to peel apart a dried scarf before soaking it in warm or cool water for 10 minutes. Manipulating a dried scarf can cause the fabric to crack.
  3. The Hot Flash Catcher scarf is generally not affected by mold/mildew.

Our Unique Fabric

  • The scarf is made out of thin highly evaporative man made, sponge-like material that absorbs. 
  • The scarf absorbs moisture and can hold eight times its own weight when activated with water.
  • The scarf will feel wet to touch, but it will not transfer any moisture to the body or clothes.
  • When exposed to air and allowed to breathe, the scarf will begin to evaporate and cool. 
  • The Hot Flash Catcher scarf is completely organic and recyclable.


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